Sometimes I Feel Like Doctor Doolittle

I thought I’d introduce you guys to the constant writing companions today.

First, there’s Maybelline Scout. She spends most of her day hanging out on the floor by my feet or in her big armchair behind me.

And then, right outside my window–a whole world of birds. There were so many this morning, I snapped some pictures for you. Let’s start with the quail. They’re Mae’s favorite!

birds 2

This blue jay spends a lot of time strutting around on the porch railing showing me how pissed off he is that he can’t get at the seed in the bird feeders. He’s just too big. I’m going to need to find or make a blue jay feeder, I think.

birds 3


My favorite, though–a whole flock of pretty little finch that pig out at the feeders just outside my window. I found the bird cage at a thrift store for like $5 and decided to put it out with the door open and a bowl of seed inside. It took a couple of days for the finch to figure out how to get inside and to get brave enough to do it. Sometimes that blue jay tries to get in, but he’s totally outnumbered. The finch chase him off.

birds 1