Viral Nation: Ten. More. Days.

Tomorrow starts the final ten-day count down to Viral Nation’s release date!

I’m a writer, so I should be able to find the words to adequately express how excited I am. I just–I don’t. But maybe you can imagine it. Think about a time when you worked really, really hard for something that took a lot of time and effort. Maybe you trained for a marathon, or worked toward a diploma, or saved enough money to buy a house. Maybe you learned how to do something really awesome. Remember that feeling, right when you knew that you were going to make it? You didn’t know if you’d run a fast marathon, or be valedictorian, or whatever it was–but you knew you were going to be able to say, for the rest of forever: I did it! I bought a house/graduated/survived.

That’s how I feel.

I did it! I worked really hard, I studied, I failed a lot, I made a thousand mistakes. And I wrote a book. And someone wanted to represent it. And someone wanted to publish it. And in ten days, I’ll walk into my local bookstore and there it will be, in the Gs, just like I’ve imagined it would be for most of my life.


3 thoughts on “Viral Nation: Ten. More. Days.

  1. Hi, Shaunta! I’m new here, so you don’t know me yet. I just want to say I’m so impressed by you! I have always admired writers and have always wished I could write, though I know it isn’t a skill I’ll ever have. But YOU have done it! That is amazing. That is an incredible dream to have accomplished! You are like a mythological person who climbed Mount Olympus, and so won the right to sit right down for tea with the gods. As a permanently earthbound person I have to applaud you, and tell you how wonderful it is to see somebody make that transition and accomplish that goal. I can hardly wait to read your book! But regardless whether it is the New American Classic or not, it is still a tremendous achievement to have done, leaving the ranks of the mundane non-storytelling folk to become a weaver of tales, dreams, and visions in the form of a BOOK. The first of many, I’m sure! I just can’t tell you enough how sincerely happy I am, feeling proud of you though we’ve never even met.

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